Mind Mapping Dyslexia for Parents, Tutors and Homeschoolers

We are passionate about helping you to equip your child with dyslexia to survive and thrive in school. I will talk about how mind mapping by hand can transform a childs experience of school work. Each talk will have a different emphasis to help either Tutors, Homeshcoolers or parents going through exam revision with their dyslexic child.

Explore the possibilities of a visual study system like mind mapping and join this fun interactive web talk.

You can choose to join any, or all, of these talks:

NAT5 Exams Scotland

Tuesday, 26th February @ 7PM GMT

Homeschoolers USA

Tuesday, 26th February @ 7PM EST

Tutors UK

Wednesday, 27th February @ 7PM GMT

Tutors NY

Wednesday, 27th February @ 7PM EST

We will cover:

  • Why do dyslexics find traditional notetaking hard? (Hint- It’s not just because of writing)

  • Why do dyslexics wander off topic and spend hours on essays?

  • Is your child lazy? Absolutely not. (It’s like a car stalling in the road)

  • “Spider Diagrams don’t work”. True, but proper mind mapping does.

  • How do you write notes from the board in time?

Find answers to these questions and much more, in this action-packed 60 min Facebook Live talk for parents, and children. Join our email list. Hundreds of children and parents say its the best talk on mind mapping and study skills they’ve heard.

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