Teenage Dyslexia: Spotting it at Home

Spotting dyslexia is not always easy. In this video, we’re going to talk about teenage dyslexia and how you might notice it as the parent of a teenager in High school.

We’re going to talk about it from the parent’s point of view, from a teen point of view and some of the signs of dyslexia.



Dyslexics can be very quick thinkers and signs of it may be masked in primary school.

The first time you may notice something is when your teenager is in High school and they start to show:

  • blocks in reading and their writing
  • difficulty in expressing themselves clearly – especially, when it’s written down
  • forgetfulness
  • being disorganized
  • increase level of frustration



As a teenager, they may enjoy reading quite a lot but don’t presume that they’re not dyslexic because of this if other signs are present..

Your teen is working hard but they still seem to be slipping behind. They’re putting in a real effort to keep up, but the time it takes for them to do the same kind of work is much longer than the others in the class. Often, they’re not happy with the results that they’re achieving as they’d expected more in their mind.

the signs

Here are some of the signs that will help you in spotting dyslexia manifested in reading, writing, memory and organization and of course, anxiety.


– can read fast but not always taking in all the meaning

– often be skipping sentences and words and paragraphs without realizing it


– messy handwriting

– not confident in spelling


– short-term memory for numbers and lists

– taking notes and sequences of number is really hard


– difficulty in transferring their thoughts onto paper

– organizing their stuff, bags, room is hard


– high levels of stress and anxiety

This was all inspired by an article by Dyslexia Scotwest at dyslexiasw.com and an article about teenage dyslexia. This video was done by bulletmapstudio.com

Here’s the full image of the mind map:

Available resources

Teenage Dyslexia: Spotting it at Home: JPEG | PDF | Video

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