The BulletMap Method Offer

How Parents can equip dyslexic children to thrive in High School with a Visual Note Program.

We help parents and tutors equip their children to thrive in School. We unlock their dyslexic gifts with a visual note technique called the BulletMap™ Method. It Engages their minds, and makes them Happier at school.

We all want our children to be happy at school. Children also want to enjoy learning but, the education system overwhelms dyslexics with the written word. Even once they can read, comprehension and written exercises make them feel inferior. They rapidly lose the joy of learning and often drop out of education in their teens. It’s avoidable if they are equipped to think with a visual note system before High School. Ideally when they are 10-13yrs old.

Our visual method of doing school work is based on Mind Mapping. It helps them understand what they read. Organise their thoughts and write essays. As a result, they blossom, enjoy learning and stay engaged in school.

Schools dabble in visual notes like spider diagrams, hoping children will ‘pick it up’ but, dyslexic thinkers need explicit systematic teaching to pick skills like this up. Because they have specialized brains they need specialised thinking tools like min mapping to cope with High School. Which is why parents normally need to supplement their education with tutoring and programs like the BulletMap Method.

We help you do this with online training videos and live study groups. The BulletMap Method is a unique way of mind mapping designed for dyslexic 10-16 yr olds. There are seven BulletMaps to meet the seven challenges of middle school and High school. It’s also a life skill for productivity in the workplace. This is what experts would call an “Executive Function” program. A child with a Grade 3+ reading level can do it.

As a dyslexic myself, I noticed the signs of my dyslexic teenager starting to sink under essays and exams. I hunted for mind mapping training but there was nothing substantial other than Tony Buzan’s £3,000 weekend course for adults which was unrealistic for a dyslexic teenager.

I decided to make her training videos of the study method I developed for myself  for Law School. It has developed into this internationally known program for parents and tutors in the same situation.

Have you noticed that the way schools teach mind mapping confuses dyslexic children?

We found the reasons why and developed the BulletMap Method to overcome the pitfalls by making it work with the way dyslexics think. It’s been tried and tested by all ages and levels of dyslexia from 10 yr olds to adults doing PHD’s. It’s the first mind mapping system for dyslexic children and teens in the world with an international reputation for making children happier and more focused.

Subscription is $99 a month

The BulletMap Academy for Dyslexic Children.

Our teaching system is a simple and effective. You subscribe to your BulletMap Academy and we lead you through a well structured systematic way of training a child to aquire these skills.

We give you a module a month. In a module you do:

  1. Recorded Video Tutorials, (1 hr) x4
  2. Live Study groups via video, x4 (optional)
Video Tutorials Each week a parent or tutor sits with the child to watch the one hour video tutorial and coaches them to do the exercises. No knowledge of mind mapping is necessary. We provide 1-2 hrs of training for the parent or tutor with each module. If you are a tutor your subscription gives you a licence to use the video tutorials to deliver paid training to your students. It really is as simple as hitting ‘play’ and coaching them through the exercises.

Study Groups In addition to the highly engaging video tutorials we have developed an innovative network of live Study Groups via video conferencing which brings the children and adults together from all around the world to discuss the maps and share their experience in groups of 7-10 people. It normalises dyslexia and the habit of BulletMapping. These are optional but highly anticipated by the children each week.


The first month is our Beginners Course where children and adults learn a solid foundation in the core principles and habits of mind mapping so they can go on to learn the seven maps of the BulletMap method. In just 4 short weeks its wonderful experience for the students. They find it liberating.

The beginners course which normally costs $199 is unlocked with your first months subscription.

The Beginners Course will give your child:

  • Ability to sort out their thoughts and explain what they are thinking
  • SundayMap – Brainstorm using a BulletMap 
  • Beginners Course for Mind Mapping

At the end of the beginners course you can stop your subscription. There are no tie ins, you pay monthy for access to the training. Even if you pay annually and stop the remaining months will be credited to you and you retain your annual discount.

Once you have done the beginners course children are hungry to go deeper and learn particular maps. The monthly subscription releases a module a month.

At the end of the beginners course your child will become Middle school ready:

  • NoteMap – Master Note Taking 
  • PatternMap – Manage your information overload 
  • MemoryMap – Remember 
  • FlashMap – Go to an exam with one Mind Map
  • QuestionMap – Find answers to questions using a BulletMap
  • RecipeMap – Structure your essays/paper using RecipeMap
  • MasterMap – Have all important information into one Mind Map
  • Be happier at school 
We highly recommend that you get the yearly subscription for $999 (£759) only where in you can access the full course with 8 module and go through it at your pace. 

Monthly Subscription

Build up your Mind Mapping skills per month
$ 99 Monthly Subscription
  • 2 weeks free for first month
  • One Month of weekly training with a group of 10 families.
  • 4 Hrs worth of self paced video training (30+ short video lessons)
  • 4 Online Live Video Study Groups
  • Gauranteed your child will have a breakthough in school work using this system with in 3- 4 weeks.
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Medals earned per month

BulletMap Academy

Master the Skill with 1 year course
$ 990 Yearly Subscription
  • Comprehensive Mind Mapping Course
  • Unlimited Weekly Study Groups for 12 Months
  • Virtual Teaching Assistant
  • Full Access to all BulletMap Academy Training Videos for 12 Months
  • Free access to online seminars
  • Certificates per modules finished
  • Medals per modules finished

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you answer yes to these statements?

  1. My child is struggling or is going to struggle at High school.
  2. My child is intelligent but is a very disorganised learner or dyslexic.
  3. She/He needs more practical study help than school can realistically give.
  4. It is important to your child to get some qualifications.
  5. The stress of school, homework and exams is beginning to have a major impact on family life.
  6. You want to find an effective solution you can work on together from home.

If you said yes to any of these statements then our course if for you.

  • Children who want to achieve qualifications.
  • Strong Dyslexics
  • Moderate dyslexics
  • Self identified mild dyslexics
  • 10 years olds
  • Parent and child(ren) working together
  • Geographically separate parent and child (online group make dual locations work)
  • Dyslexia Assessors or Tutors
  • Teachers
  • Teaching assistants
  • SENCO’s
  • Reluctant children. We aren’t a magic motivation fix -sorry. You could start with some of the videos on our website instead to get them thinking about mind mapping.
  • Very systematic or linear thinkers. If you’re the support parent, that’s okay, but you may find it harder to map. Creative and dyslexic thinkers take to mind mapping much more quickly.
  • Computer mappers. If you’re determined to use computer mind mapping then this course probably isn’t for you. I ask everyone to learn on paper first then integrate computers where they are helpful. Sometimes computers get in the way of the learning process. I love them, but not for learning to map.

Often parents ask “I see how good this is but my child isn’t interested. Can you convince them?” I’d love to. Oh how I I’d love to, but I can’t. If your child is reluctant, keep showing them our videos, and hopefully the day comes when they say, “You know that mind mapping thing, I might be interested in that.” It took us 6 months with our daughter before the window opportunity opened.

If you are a parent with the good fortune of a child saying that they are interested then the window of opportunity is open. If they are over 10 years old I’d encourage you to seize the opportunity and learn how to study together. The best place to start is with our first lesson “The SundayMap” How to brainstorm your ideas for the week to come, or a project and work out the next best thing to do.

Parents often ask, “How long will it take to learn to mind map?” I answer, “Both quicker than you think and longer than you think.”

Let me explain.

It’s quick to learn how to mind map. It’s pretty straightforward once you get the principles. Both you and your child can learn how to map in a few hours with the videos in our highly rated fast paced beginners course. I’d actually really recommend doing this course with your child if they’re interested as you’ll learn alot about how to map and you’ll get a feel for whether our approach of watching videos and learning together works for you.

It’s important though to remember that this beginners course gives you the first explosion of possibilities and skills mind mapping can bring. Your next task is to learn how to train a dyslexic brain to use mind mapping in daily life. I liken this to training a ‘wild horse’ which is both powerful and unpredictable. When you first learn to mind map, it’s like taking off a stiff saddle from a reluctant horse that yearns to be free and learning to ride bareback. The restrictions that had previously been there are gone but there still needs to be some control.  Learning how to think and how to harness your thoughts is a process similar to learning to how to ride and control a wild horse. It takes time, and you get thrown off. Which is why it’s so important to make sure that your child has properly set their expectations of what they can do and how fast they can do it with a mind map.

So, to answer the question of how long it takes to learn to mindmap, I would say it takes 2 hours to learn the principles of mind mapping. It will then take 4-10 weeks of training and practice to get to a truly productive level of mindmapping where you can apply it to all the tasks required of High School and revision.

I think if you tried to learn on your own it could take 3-5 years to develop the level of competency you would get at the end of 10 weeks of lessons. We’ve worked hard to accelerate the learning process for a dyslexics with our BulletMap Method of mind mapping with a fast paced video program. The course structure allows them to discover their study ‘pain points’, the places where they get ‘thrown off’, and gives them ways to learn how to overcome that. There are different challenges for each child and its important we give them time to find them and overcome them. It’s often during the feedback time  in the study groups that these challenges emerge and are overcome.

The BulletMap Method overcomes the seven of the main challenges of Highschool with seven maps:

  1. NoteMap – For Capturing rapid notes
  2. PatternMap –  For finding keywords
  3. MemoryMap – For remembering
  4. FlashMap –  For test practice
  5. MasterMap – For Exams
  6. RecipieMap – For structuring essays
  7. QuestionMap – For answering questions accurately.

It is truly amazing what happens when a family with a dyslexic child learns this study system. Mind mapping doesn’t solve all the challenges of dyslexia, but it does make High School work so much faster and fun.

Enrol in our Beginners Course now.

You Won’t Regret it.

Often it’s something the whole family does together. We encourage this. When you enrol in the course the videos are available to view as a family. The tutoring aspect is tailored to the child who’s signed up for the course. If you would like to enrol more than one child at the same time for the group tutoring then you’ll get significant discounts for additional children learning simultaneously.

band of wild horse

If dyslexic brains are like wild horses the they are very powerful but often hard to direct productively. It’s important to maintain motivation. We’ve found the one simple magic answer for that is to watch others learn with you. At BulletMap Studio we put a huge effort into creating online study groups via video conference. We bring together bands of fellow ‘wild horse owners’ and journey together. Something special happens each time. It’s more than just learning to ride through the land of exams. Your child realises in real time, with real people, that other people of all ages ride wild horses and are facing and overcoming similar challenges to those that they are experiencing themselves. We learn from and inspire each other.

These groups are designed to nurture those moments when someone who has been mind mapping for only 3 weeks explains a map and another child sees it and lights up with possibilities and thinks, “I could do that!”. It’s priceless. That moment can carry them for years.

I’d like to invite you on one of these expeditions. It won’t always be easy. But I can assure you it will be fun, fast and very fruitful.

I’d like you to imagine how a tool like mindmapping, productively used, can transform school and family life. Have you seen our video “A Day in the Life of John?” If not, I recommend you take 5 minutes to watch it. It shows how dyslexia affects John every day at school in small but crucial ways that make him slowly sink.

Click here to watch video of a day in the life of John

I’d like to show you what John’s day would be like if he knew how to BulletMap. We’ve made this second video of what life could look like based on the experiences of our parents and students…

Click here to watch video of John after mind mapping 

You can see from the video above how John is using mind mapping as a multi tool for all the little things that used to trip him up continually. He’s becoming an independent learner.

In our course I explain how mapping forces us to use our natural talents towards creative thinking within a structured map. The map becomes like a ‘coach’. Mapping can actually transform a person who is locked in a world of disorganisation. Choosing to take a moment to visually place your thoughts down on paper helps dyslexics unlock their genius and deliver real results to the world. It does take intentionality and good choices to make this a habit.

It is no simple task to create order for a dyslexic mind. A creative mind can be wild, disorganised, anxious, and can ramble to find the right point to communicate. Our students are finding they now have a way of working that helps them:

  • Organise their thoughts
  • Be calm and less stressed
  • Tell great stories confidently
  • Remember essay structures and write concise essays
  • Express their ideas in a way people understand
  • Plan realistic projects
  • Feel confident with their exam revision

and, above all,


If you want this way of working for your child then I’d suggest that you give mind mapping serious consideration, invest time in it and learn how to do it together.

Stage 1, is our beginners course. You will learn the basics of mindmapping and the seven maps in the BulletMap Method.

The way you learn together is simple:

  1. You watch an hour of videos together.
  2. Join a Study Group via Skype (Zoom)
  3. And repeat for 4 weeks.

You can sample the first Lesson for free. It’s called the “SundayMap”. You will learn How to Brainstorm with a BulletMap in 40 min. You will be able to brainstorm those ideas in your child’s head and make sense of them each week on a Sunday and plan your week.

It costs £199 (Discount to £149) to get up to speed with your group in 4 weeks. After this, we recommend you do monthly study groups for 7 months to learn to apply the 7 BulletMaps, £50 pcm (Discount to £25). Discounts are available for the first 100 enrollees in 2019.

There are two main parts to our system.

Stage 1 is a Beginners course, lasting 4 weeks.

Stage 2 is our Monthly Creative Study School which is monthly.

Beginners Four Week Course:

If you want to get your child ready for high school and writing essays “BulletMap Method for Beginners” (201) is for you. You watch an hour of video and do a study group each week for 4 weeks. It is designed to be stand alone and give you an intermediate level of mind map skills. This is ideal for younger children aged 11-12 and costs £199.

The Beginners Course, is 4 Video Lessons + 4 Study Groups over 4 weeks. £199.

  • How to brainstorm
  • How to organise your ideas
  • How to read, underline and make a map
  • How to find keywords (advanced)
  • How to use branches (advanced)
  • How to map your homework
  • How to use the map to give a presentation
  • How to Outline an essay
  • How to map a lecture

Creative Study School:

Once you have done the beginners course and found a study group, the next stage is to apply your new skills to real school work each month. You get one lesson a month and do a study group a month.

The Study School: Where your beginner study group meets once a month. £50 Month.

  • How to set your goals for a test or exam
  • How to combine multiple maps into one A4 map
  • How to make maps memorable
  • How to test yourself with a FlashMap
  • How to find weaknesses in your map and strengthen them
  • How to use your phone to study with a ‘photographic memory’
  • How to use and remember essay structures with ‘RecipeMaps’
  • How to prepare the month and weeks before
  • How to prepare the night before an exam
  • What to do on the day of the exam
  • + Lots more.

Exam Preparation:

When things get close to exams you can repeat this process more frequently and use our exam preparation study groups to do better work faster.

Block three focuses on how to use mindmaps to revise for exams and how to answer exam questions under stress and remember everything you have learnt.

The courses are weekly. You watch an hour of videos a week and do a group tutorial via video each week. We’ll meet live on video conference each week for a study group for 45 min. I’m going to be with you encouraging and teaching you along the way.

Your teenager is going to learn an efficient way of working that will let them ride that ‘wild horse’ without undue force. You’ll probably get on better, they will sleep better, have better skin and much less stress. Your teen will probably get homework done quicker, revision completed effectively and maximise their performance in exams.

When our daughter hit the roadblock of her exams we realised that although we were paying for subject tutors and that they were definitely helping it wasn’t going to make enough of a difference because she didn’t know how to remember and use the information she was learning. That’s when we realised that we had to go back to basics and teach her study skills that would outlast her exams and serve her well throughout  life. These courses are our way of offering these study skills to your teenager as well.

We love getting isolated students and parents together to share their learning journey with each other as part of an online video conference call between 3-8 families depending on peoples schedules. We do them on Tuesday or Wednesday nights at 6:30pm in Australian, US and UK time zones. They are great, because we find they actually motivate the children to complete the training videos and they enjoy the cameraderie that builds up. The main focus is learning to do a 3 min talk through of a BulletMap.

We are hosting a series of live workshops which are like introductory study groups. We will teach you how to defuse those Sunday night stress bombs with a BulletMap and Darius will answer your questions face to face via video conference. Register below if you’d like to be part of one.

Register for webinar now Free

Alternatively, you could watch a 90 minute recorded workshop which is very educational and engaging. It also explains the course in more detail if you’d like to know more before securing your place.

Watch recorded workshop now.

Meet Your Tutor:

Darius Namdaran

Darius Namdaran

Darius is a teacher and MD of BulletMap™ Studio. He's passionate about helping dyslexic children, and their parents, get through High School with their confidence intact. From his own experience with dyslexia and raising children with dyslexia he has developed an online training business designed to equip and encourage dyslexic teenagers in their journey through High School.
His company produces Mindmap videos full of tips and encouragement to help understand dyslexia and to thrive in High School.
He is the designer and senior tutor of the first Mind mapping course for Dyslexic Teenagers called the BulletMap Method.