Succeeding at exams

Do you have a terrible memory?

In this video we’re talking about succeeding at exams even if you think you have a terrible memory. Exams are a combination of understanding your subject and remembering some key facts. That remembering can be really hard for a dyslexic but there is hope!

succeeding at exams
succeeding at exams

Exams and my terrible memory

I really wish there was something like a memory pill. That’s why I’ve used the shape of a pill as the central image. I’m dyslexic and I struggle with my memory and even though I try really hard I can’t remember names, faces, dates or the order of things. I’ve had to work really hard to find ways to compensate such as checklists, notepads, systems and Standard Operating Procedures for the business.

As a teenager I really struggled with exams because of my short term memory. As I started to think more about succeeding at exams I started to find some systems that worked and some good exam techniques.

the real world

In the real world you’re allowed to check things on your phone and use notes apps and program reminders. This all helps to compensate when you struggle to remember things. When it comes to succeeding at exams you can’t take a phone in with you. So I found I needed to find a way to take my thoughts into the exam that worked for my memory. That’s where mind mapping came in. Using a mind map gave me a way to remember my notes. I was able to use what I had learnt in the exam. I had a workaround to compensate for my poor short term memory.

succeeding at exams
succeeding at exams

types of memory

Before we talk about succeeding at exams and the practicality of walking in with something you can remember there are few things it’s good to know about your memory.

There are different types of memory and I found as a dyslexic my short term memory isn’t so great but I could remember concepts, principles, how things worked, systems and processes. I can harness that sort of memory function by using a mind map to structure my thoughts and notes and to capture the details and the facts that I find harder to remember.

Dyslexics' ability

Dyslexics have an incredible ability to understand processes and very practical things and that’s why they often become good inventors and business people.

It’s often the short term memory that dyslexics struggle with and that’s why we need a workaround and it’s good to find the things that you are good at remembering and starting to work with those.

succeeding at exams
succeeding at exams

Find your type of memory

For me, I can remember things in my imagination, I can remember processes and I am good at joining the dots. Using a mind map I found I could use the strong parts of my memory to my advantage and then I started succeeding at exams.

succeeding at exams

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Darius Namdaran

Darius Namdaran

Darius is a teacher and MD of BulletMap™ Studio. He's passionate about helping dyslexic children, and their parents, get through High School with their confidence intact. From his own experience with dyslexia and raising children with dyslexia he has developed an online training business designed to equip and encourage dyslexic teenagers in their journey through High School.
His company produces Mindmap videos full of tips and encouragement to help understand dyslexia and to thrive in High School.
He is the designer and senior tutor of the first Mind mapping course for Dyslexic Teenagers called the BulletMap Method.



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