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Study Skills Strategy

The benefits of a study skills strategy

We all hope for the best. To actually achieve our best, we need to plan for the best. We need to plan to succeed. I’m not just talking about grades her but all areas of life.

Is your dyslexic teen going to sit down and devise a study strategy that takes them from the first lesson to the final exam? For most people they only properly formulate this strategy in University, if at all. Getting to University can be a real challenge for dyslexic teens if they don’t learn this strategy now.

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I’m going to ask you to make an investment into Study Skills Training for your son or daughter. It’s hard to say if it’s going to be expensive for you or not because it depends on what you compare it to.

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Robert Orben said “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” Educating a dyslexic child is more costly than others in money, time and emotions.

Study Skills System

I had a think about what it might have cost us if we hadn’t paid the price to learn an effective  study system for my daughter?

  • 200+ of hours of unnecessary re-reading and rewriting
  • 100+ parent hours of revision supervision and assistance
  • 100+ parent hours of restructuring essays.
  • Weekends of stress
  • Interrupted holidays
  • Unnecessary failures
  • Frustration and resentment for how much it dominates life
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This is literally £1000’s of pounds of negative impact. And its avoidable for most families if they bite the bullet and invest the time and effort to learn a more suitable system. It takes effort. Studying is hard work. But at least it’s doable if you have the right tools.

The benefits and outcomes are massive:

  • Increased Confidence
  • More social time at school
  • Less anxiety
  • More fun time together with your child
  • More independent and resilient child
  • Take notes confidently
  • Make presentations
  • Tell stories well
  • Write essays quickly and concisely
  • Remember things in tests
  • Remember essay structures
  • Get qualifications!

I’m offering an early bird discount on our next intake of students in August. There are limited places available and we can take a maximum of 24 students in this intake. We are opening the doors for registration to our email list members before we launch to the public. If you feel this could be of value to you would you click on the button and reserve your place.

I’ve got a series of live workshops for parents to ask questions about the course and find out more. If you sign up there’s a full money back guarantee- no questions asked for any part you’ve not used. Which includes a full refund if you cancel before we start.

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Darius Namdaran

Darius Namdaran

Darius is a teacher and MD of BulletMap™ Studio. He's passionate about helping dyslexic children, and their parents, get through High School with their confidence intact. From his own experience with dyslexia and raising children with dyslexia he has developed an online training business designed to equip and encourage dyslexic teenagers in their journey through High School.
His company produces Mindmap videos full of tips and encouragement to help understand dyslexia and to thrive in High School.
He is the designer and senior tutor of the first Mind mapping course for Dyslexic Teenagers called the BulletMap Method.



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