This video is about Stan Gloss living with dyslexia. Stan Gloss is an entrepreneur with dyslexia who is the founder and CEO of BIOTEAM, a multimillion dollar company which creates supercomputers. I’m summarising a great article by which is well worth a read.

Stan Gloss

Stan gloss

Stan Gloss talked about being diagnosed with dyslexia at nine years old. He was in third grade and as he says, he noticed a big change when he had to move from learning to read to reading to learn. Stan had learnt to read but using reading as a way to learn was a real challenge for him. His school labelled him as lazy and stupid. They said he needed to try harder and didn’t offer any help. His mother wasn’t convinced by what they were saying and researched the challenges he was experiencing. In 1965 she found Dr. Charles Drake who assessed Stan Gloss and diagnosed his dyslexia.

The young businessman

For Stan Gloss, living with dyslexia meant he had to find creative ways to learn at school. He organised study groups so that he could listen to his friends as a way of learning rather than reading. Stan still had to work three times as hard to get a C.

His self confidence came from his business skills. At 11 years old he started a snow shovelling enterprise. Stan would knock on doors in November, before the snow came, and secure customers so that he wasn’t competing for business once the snow had fallen. He honoured those early commitments and made his money.

He was turned down by colleges because his SATs were too low. His mum found a way around that and he secured work in respiratory therapy with an Associated University. Through that his grades were accepted and he got into graduate school.

Stan Gloss

the entrepreneur

He became a teacher while he was at Quinnipac University and then started selling medical equipment. Stan realised he was really good at the selling. From there he started working with a company researching computer systems for Life Sciences and with three other consultants there they started BIOTEAM. 14 years later it is a huge company that is doing really well.

Comfortable being uncomfortable

When Stan Gloss was asked, ‘What did dyslexia do to help him as an entrepreneur?’ he answered that it was all centred around adversity and how he dealt with it. For Stan Gloss, living with dyslexia meant he had to innovate in school and later in business and this helped him to survive in both.

He also said that living with dyslexia helped him learn to be ‘comfortable being uncomfortable.’ He said the chances of success were often slim in school. As a result he failed more times in school than others did in a lifetime. He turned this to a positive by saying it prepared him for life as an entrepreneur.


When he’s asked for any advice he would give to parents of a dyslexic child Stan Gloss says that if your child has an idea then make a prototype immediately. Encourage them to get started creatively rather than to start writing. He also said to look for and identify your child’s strengths and to praise them continually for those strengths and the efforts that they make.

In conclusion this is a wonderful story of Stan Gloss living with dyslexia and being successful. It’s about how he found workarounds such as listening study groups, his snow shoveling business, finding a non-conventional route to college and becoming a teacher, collaborating with others to form a successful company and how learning to be comfortable with uncomfortable set him up for success. I hope it has encouraged you.

stan gloss living with dyslexia

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  1. Stan Gloss co-founded BioTeam following his tenure in business development with AVAKI Corporation, a pioneer in global grid software solutions. Previously, at Blackstone Computing, a computing and IT consulting company for scientists, Gloss led the sales initiative that launched the company in the life sciences market. Prior to working at Blackstone, Gloss was a department chairman and faculty member at Quinnipiac University.  

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