Seven High School challenges that mind mapping can help with

High School Challenges

High School can be a difficult environment for creatives and dyslexics because of the way subjects are taught and the sheer volume of information that needs to be remembered. This video is all about seven High School challenges mind mapping can help with. This mind map video is inspired by an article from

Seven high school challenges mind mapping can help with

brainstorming sessions

Brainstorming sessions can feel like a frustrating waste of time for a dyslexic because they are more interested in the big picture than in lots of smaller ideas. Mind maps can help because they provide a way to structure the keywords being said and to branch the information being discussed. This creates a way to bring a shape to what is being shared in the brainstorming session. A one page mind map means you can review the session quite straightforwardly.

I call this a bullet map.

information overload

There is a lot of note taking in High School either from what is on the board or trying to summarise what the teacher is saying. A mind map helps here because it is a way of consolidating information and creating an overview as you listen. It also means you have one concise page of notes rather than 3 or 4 pages per lesson.

I call this a note map. Often people liken this to spider map but the key difference is being focussed on keywords.

Seven high school challenges mind mapping can help with
Seven high school challenges mind mapping can help with

homework assignments

You can use a mind map to outline your to-do list, to plan your project and schedule in future assignments. This way of using a mind map has been shown in business to increase productivity by about 20%.

I call this map a structure map and often it is where I’ve taken my note maps from lessons, identified a structure and organised the information into the right branches.

remembering details

It can be a real challenge to remember all of the information you need and to remember it in the right order. The use of colour for each branch in a mind map helps to chunk the information into core themes so you can recall it in a more helpful way.

I call this map a memory map as I used images to help recall the key details.

Seven high school challenges mind mapping can help with
Seven high school challenges mind mapping can help with

writing essays

Essays can be a real challenge for dyslexics because they involve  a lot of planning and structuring of your ideas. A mind map helps to anchor those ideas and bring some structure to them. Firstly, you can brainstorm your ideas, identify different themes and possibilities and bring order to these with a structured map. This mind map will you help to add to each theme so that your thoughts can develop in a systematic manner. To write the essay you can work through the mind map, branch by branch to keep everything in order.


Dyslexics are great at a talking but we’re not so great at keeping to the point. A mind map helps you to have all your ideas jotted down visually in one place and you can use it to help stay focused and on topic.

For essays and presentations I use what I call a recipe map. There is often a fixed structure that essays and presentations follow and so I organise my thoughts and ideas around these structures and follow the ‘recipe.’

Seven high school challenges mind mapping can help with
Seven high school challenges mind mapping can help with


Exams can be a real challenge to a dyslexic because that way of recalling information is not really how a dyslexic mind works. A mind map helps you to convert all of the important information that you need into keywords, images and triggers. You can create a mind map that you memorise and then redraw as soon a you go into the exam. This way you are confident that you have all of the information that you need to answer the questions.

For exams I use a jigsaw map and a flash map. The jigsaw map pulls together all the pieces from my various lessons or lectures and the flash map is the map that I memorise to take redraw in the exam.

Seven high school challenges mind mapping can help with

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