Mind Mapping, High School And Dyslexia: A Practical Tool For Parents Of Teenage Dyslexics

Hello. Hopefully we’ve already talked to each other at a workshop or by video. I wanted to give you the first look at this overview for our August launch before it goes public. I’m hoping you may consider joining our tutoring program.

If you are a the kind of parent looking for practical tools for your creative or dyslexic child then this could be what you need to start the next term well. We are offering you the world’s first online mind mapping study skills course for dyslexic teenagers. Its made for parents of dyslexics by a dyslexic practitioner and tested by families of dyslexics, and it works. We use online video training and live face to face group tutorials via video conferencing to literally transform the way you approach high school homework and revision.

If you’d like to hear (instead of read) an explanation of this course here is a recording of a video workshop…

This type of course was technologically impossible a few years ago but with today’s technology and broadband we can get world class mind map and study skills training directly to you and your child. We can do it at an affordable price anywhere there is internet with live face to face group tutorials. It really is amazing what opportunities are opening up to equip dyslexics.

Just listen to what our parents and students have to say about what the course has done for them…

Is This Course For You?

We transform the way parents and children work together through High School by systematically teaching them how to use mindmapping to overcome Seven Of The Main Challenges Of High School. It is truly amazing what happens when a family with a dyslexic child learns this study skill approach. Mindmapping doesn’t solve all the challenges of dyslexia, but it does make High School work so much faster and it also makes it more fun. This page is designed to help you find out more about our study skills course and to help you decide whether it’s for you. We’ll also outline our three different levels to help you choose which is most appropriate to where you are just now.

Let’s make sure just now that this course could be right for you.
Can you answer yes to these statements?
  • My child is struggling or is going to struggle at High school.
  • My child is intelligent but is a very disorganised learner or dyslexic.
  • She/He needs more practical study help than school can realistically give.
  • It is important to your child to get some qualifications.
  • The stress of school, homework and exams is beginning to have a major impact on family life.
  • You want to find an effective solution you can work on together from home.
If you relate to these statements then our study skills course could be for you.

The People Who Can Do This Course:

  • Self motivated children and adults.
  • Creative thinkers / moderate dyslexics
  • Self identified mild dyslexics (probably only just being spotted at High School)
  • Strong Dyslexics (Probably identified in early years)
  • Anyone 10 years old and above.
  • Parent and child(ren) working together
  • Geographically separate parent and child (online group make dual locations work)
  • Dyslexia Assessors or Tutors
  • Teachers
  • Teaching assistants
  • SENCO’s
  • Reading and writing level of 9+ year old (slow reading and writing is fine)

Who Is This Course NOT For:

  • Reluctant children. We aren’t a magic motivation fix -sorry. You could start with some of the videos on our website instead to get them thinking about mindmapping.
  • Very systematic or linear thinkers. If you’re the support parent, that’s okay, but you may find it harder to map. Creative and dyslexic thinkers take to mindmapping much more quickly.
  • Computer mappers. If you’re used to computer mindmapping then this course probably isn’t for you. I ask everyone to learn on paper first then integrate computers where they are helpful. Sometimes computers get in the way of the learning process. I love them, but not for learning to map.

Is Your Child Is Ready?

Often parents ask “I see how good this is but my child isn’t interested. Can you convince them?”
I’d love to. Oh how I I’d love to, but I can’t. If your child is reluctant, keep showing them our videos, and hopefully the day comes when they say, “You know that mindmapping thing, I might be interested in that.” It took us 6 months with our daughter before the window opportunity opened.
If you are a parent with the good fortune of a child saying that they are interested then the window of opportunity is open. If they are over 10 years old I’d encourage you to seize the opportunity and learn how to study together.

How Long Will It Take?

Parents often ask, “How long will it take to learn to mind map?” I answer, “Both quicker than you think and longer than you think.”Let me explain. 
It’s quick to learn how to mind map. It’s pretty straightforward once you get the principles. Both you and your child can learn how to map in a few hours with the videos in our highly rated fast paced beginners course. I’d actually really recommend doing this course with your child if they’re interested as you’ll learn alot about how to map and you’ll get a feel for whether our approach of watching videos and learning together works for you.
wild horse

It’s important though to remember that this beginners course gives you the first explosion of possibilities and skills mindmapping can bring. Your next task is to learn how to train a dyslexic brain to use mindmapping in daily life. I liken this to training a ‘wild horse’ which is both powerful and unpredictable. When you first learn to mind map, it’s like taking off a stiff saddle from a reluctant horse that yearns to be free and learning to ride bareback. 

The restrictions that had previously been there are gone but there still needs to be some control. Learning how to think and how to harness your thoughts is a process similar to learning to how to ride and control a wild horse. It takes time, and you get thrown off. Which is why it’s so important to make sure that your child has properly set their expectations of what they can do and how fast they can do it with a mind map.  

So, to answer the question of how long it takes to learn to mindmap, I would say it takes 2 hours to learn the principles of mind mapping. It will then take 4-10 weeks of training and practice to get to a truly productive level of mindmapping where you can apply it to all the tasks required of High School and revision.

I think if you tried to learn on your own it could take 1-2 years to develop the level of competency you would get at the end of the two main courses. We’ve worked hard to accelerate the learning process for a dyslexic through our fast paced video program as much as possible. The course structure allows them to discover their study ‘pain points’, the places where they get ‘thrown off’, and gives them ways to learn how to overcome that. There are different challenges for each child and its important we give them time to find them and overcome them. It’s often during the feedback time in the study groups that these challenges emerge and are overcome.
The courses provide a dyslexia friendly, intensely fun and fast way of learning.

Maintaining Motivation - Study Groups

band of wild horse

If dyslexic brains are like wild horses the they are very powerful but often hard to direct productively. It’s important to maintain motivation. We’ve found the one simple magic answer for that is to watch others learn with you. 

At BulletMap Studio, we put a huge effort into creating online study groups via video conference. We bring together bands of fellow ‘wild horse owners’ and journey together. Something special happens each time. It’s more than just learning to ride through the land of exams. Your child realises in real time, with real people, that other people of all ages ride wild horses and are facing and overcoming similar challenges to those that they are experiencing themselves. We learn from and inspire each other. 

These groups are designed to nurture those moments when someone who has been mind mapping for only 3 weeks explains a map and another child sees it and lights up with possibilities and thinks, “I could do that!”. It’s priceless. That moment can carry them for years. I’d like to invite you on one of these expeditions. It won’t always be easy. But I can assure you it will be fun, fast and very fruitful.

Imagine The Possibilities - A Realistic Picture of Success

I’d like you to imagine how a tool like mindmapping, productively used, can transform school and family life. Remember the video: “Dear John”? If not, I recommend you take 5 minutes to watch it below. It shows how dyslexia affects John every day at school in small but crucial ways that make him slowly sink.

Now you’ve watched “Dear John” are you wondering what John’s day would look like if he knew how to mind map effectively? This second video is of what life looks like once he learns to mindmap well. Its based on the experiences of our parents and students…

The Benefits Of Mindmapping

You can see from the video above how John is using mind mapping as a multi tool for all the little things that used to trip him up continually. He’s becoming an independent learner.
In our course I explain how mapping forces us to use our natural talents towards creative thinking within a structured map. The map becomes like a ‘coach’. Mapping can actually transform a person who is locked in a world of disorganisation. Choosing to take a moment to visually place your thoughts down on paper helps dyslexics unlock their genius and deliver real results to the world. It does take intentionality and good choices to make this a habit.
It is no simple task to create order for a dyslexic mind. A creative mind can be wild, disorganised, anxious, and can ramble to find the right point to communicate. Our students are finding they now have a way of working that helps them:
  • Organise their thoughts
  • Be calm and less stressed
  • Tell great stories confidently
  • Remember essay structures and write concise essays
  • Express their ideas in a way people understand
  • Plan realistic projects
  • Feel confident with their exam revision
and, above all,
If you want this way of working for your child then I’d suggest that you give mind mapping serious consideration, invest time in it and learn how to do it together

How Does Our Study Skills System Work?

study motivation
Here’s a fuller explanation of what I’m offering through the different blocks in our study skills system.
The courses are weekly. You watch an hour of videos a week and do a group tutorial via video each week. We’ll meet live on video conference each week for a study group for 45 min. I’m going to be with you encouraging and teaching you along the way.
Your teenager is going to learn an efficient way of working that will let them ride that ‘wild horse’ without undue force. You’ll probably get on better, they will sleep better, have better skin and much less stress. Your teen will probably get homework done quicker, revision completed effectively and maximise their performance in exams.
  • Step One: Our beginners course. Over 4 weeks, you will learn the basics of mindmapping by watching an hour’s worth of training videos each week. Followed by an optional study group via video conference. It teaches you the basics rapidly, in a dyslexia friendly way. You learn how to use mindmapping in essays and presentations and homework assignments. Each week we systematically take a key challenge you are going to face over the next few years, and show you a way that will make it faster, fun and more fruitful with mind mapping study skills.
  • The Habit: After you have done this intensive 4 weeks of training. We offer our students a weeks worth of training each month to top up their skills and build the habit. You can do it over the month and join a study group to keep your child inspired. We will focus on how to use mind mapping to revise for exams with The BulletMap™ Method and how to answer exam questions under stress and remember everything you have learnt.

Here's A Sample of How We Teach:

When our daughter hit the roadblock of her exams we realised that although we were paying for subject tutors and that they were definitely helping it wasn’t going to make enough of a difference because she didn’t know how to remember and use the information she was learning. That’s when we realised that we had to go back to basics and teach her study skills that would outlast her exams and serve her well throughout life. These courses are our way of offering these study skills to your teenager as well.
Here’s a sample video for you below. These are the type of videos that you’ll expect on our course.

Meet Your Tutor:

Darius Namdaran

Darius Namdaran

Darius is an Edupreneur and the MD of BulletMap™ Studio. He is passionate about helping dyslexic teenagers, and their parents, get through High School with their confidence intact. From his own experience with dyslexia and raising children with dyslexia he has developed an online training business designed to equip and encourage dyslexic teenagers in their journey through High School.
His company produces Mindmap videos full of tips and encouragement to help understand dyslexia and to thrive in High School.
He is the designer and senior tutor of the first Mindmapping course for Dyslexic Teenagers.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are THREE OPTIONS available to you depending on your goals

You can buy the training and tutoring in individual chunks or as a full bundle.

Beginners Course

Mindmap High School and Essays
£ 199 Mindmap 101 + 201
  • How to brainstorm, How to read, underline and make a map
  • How to find keywords (advanced)
  • How to use branches (advanced)

Step 1: Beginners

Mindmap Your Ideas: Beginners Course
£ 49 Per Month
  • 2 Video Tutorial per Month
  • Unlimited Study Groups
  • Virtual Teaching Assistant
  • Access to "Mind Mapping Exams"
  • Full Access to The BulletMap™ Method

Step 3: Exams

Mindmap Tests and Exam Strategy
£ 299 Mindmap 301
  • How to set your goals for a test or exam, How to find weaknesses in your map and strengthen them
  • How to use your phone to study with a ‘photographic memory’
  • How to use and remember essay structures with ‘RecipeMaps’

Buy The Full Three Step Bundle

Step 1: Prepares you for Day to Day Lessons in 4 weeks with 4 tutorials

If your goal is to get your child ready for day to day high school and writing coherent essays, then the 4 week “Mindmap Highschool and essays” (Mindmap 201) is for you. It is designed to be stand alone and give you an intermediate level of mind mapping skills. This is ideal for younger children aged 11-12. This costs £199 ($260 USD or $368 AUD).

  • How to brainstorm
  • How to organise your ideas
  • How to read, underline and make a map
  • How to find keywords (advanced)
  • How to use branches (advanced)
  • How to map your homework
  • How to use the map to give a presentation
  • How to Outline an essay
  • How to map a lecture

Step 2: Creative Study School

Monthly Training in Mind Mapping for Exams.
£ 49 Per Month
  • 2 Video Tutorial per Month
  • Unlimited Study Groups
  • Virtual Teaching Assistant
  • Access to "Mind Mapping Exams"
  • Full Access to The BulletMap™ Method

Step 3 trains you to do tests and pass exams (301) in 6 weeks with 6 tutorials

If your goal is to be equipped to pass tests and exams, this thrid step is for you: “Mindmap Exams” (Mindmap 301). This is a more indepth training giving 12 hours oftraining and 6 tutorials. These will only run occasionally in the year and places will be limited because of tutor capacity. If you buy the full bundle you are guaranteed a place in the exam course. £299 ($391 USD or $553 AUD)

  • How to set your goals for a test or exam
  • How to combine multiple maps into one A4 map
  • How to make maps memorable
  • How to test yourself with a FlashMap
  • How to find weaknesses in your map and strengthen them
  • How to use your phone to study with a ‘photographic memory’
  • How to use and remember essay structures with ‘RecipeMaps’
  • How to prepare the month and weeks before
  • How to prepare the night before an exam
  • What to do on the day of the exam
  • + Lots more.


Not everyone has access to this. For example, there are currently only 24 places per intake worldwide and because of the live nature of the tutorials it only works for certain time zones so right now we’re opening the course up to the UK and Australia. We have tutorials on Tuesday evenings 

Have A Chat About It?

We are hosting a series of live workshops that will go deeper into this where I can answer your questions face to face via video conferences, and some occasional in person presentations. Register below if you’d like to be part of one.

Alternatively, you could watch a 90 minute recorded workshop which is very educational and engaging. It also explains the course in more detail if you’d like to know more before securing your place.
Click on this image to watch it

Buy All Three Steps Here:
Beginners + Essays + Exams.

The Full Study Strategy involves all three Steps as a bundle: Beginner 101 + Essays 201 + Exams 301. Its the best value. It normally costs £499 ($637 USD or $888 AUD).  But is discounted to £397 and guarantees you will get into the 301 Exam Course.

Special Offer: 20% discount + Family Rate Promo (2 children for the price of 1)

We’d really love to hear from you so please take a moment to share your thoughts or any ways we could help you on your journey with dyslexia.

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