Today I’d like to introduce myself.  My name is Darius and I’m based in Edinburgh, I’m dyslexic and I’ll be your guide in these videos and I’ll be speaking to you parent to parent.


My dyslexia was diagnosed when I was a child so I know about being a teenager with dyslexia. I passed my exams and came here, to Edinburgh, and got my law degree. I’ve gone on to run businesses and community projects and I’m now a parent to teenagers who have dyslexia and I’ve taught them the study skills that have helped me and they have thrived at school and passed their exams well.


I’ve become an expert in mind mapping as I’ve been mind mapping for over 20 years and have developed that skill extensively and teach it to others.

I’m an expert in my own dyslexia but not in the broader field of dyslexia and I really want to learn more. These videos are part of my journey to learning more and I’m hoping that as I share them you’ll pick up invaluable information and knowledge that will help with your own child.


I have the privilege of meeting really interesting and informed people on this journey to learning more as I develop my vision of teach mind mapping to teenage dyslexics as  part of my business. My goal is to share what I learn, my observations along the way and useful resources that I discover. My hope is that these videos will help to make sense of all of the information that is out there and that they’ll be a real help to you as a parent of a teenager with dyslexia. We’ll learn about how to help and encourage your teenager to be more productive in school and feel more positive about their learning.

This is very much a learning journey so if you’re an expert and you’d like to contribute then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!


In my experience, as I’ve been learning more about dyslexia and how my mind works it has helped me to see and understand some of the roadblocks I’ve encountered in life and I’ve been able to learn new ways round them and develop a few life hacks along the way.

One of the things that I’ve learnt more about is the idea of working memory. I’ll share more on that in a later video and I really recommend you watch that one as it is a massive insight into how to help with teenage dyslexia.

The innovative thinking of dyslexic is a real gift to the world and learning how to capitalise on our advantages and compensate for our disadvantages with the amazing tools and resources that are at our disposal will hopefully be something we learn more about as this course progresses.

I hope you’ll enjoy this Hitchhiker’s Guide to Teenage Dyslexia.

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Here’s the full mind map:

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resources available

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    I’m a dyslexic speech language pathologist. I have 4 dyslexic kids. I also work with high schoolers who are dyslexic. I listened to your podcast on Dyslexia is Our Super Power. You mentioned your work and mentioned the mindmap study was free for dyslexics. How do I access that for myself, my kids and my students? I appreciate your work and excited to learn more!

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