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Is your teenager dyslexic and facing GCSE’s or National 5’s next year? Mindmapping is the most highly recommended solution in Dyslexia Assessments. Watch this video, join our email list, and we will send you an incredible 10 min video on how to teach your dyslexic teen to mindmap.

HGD Video #1

Hitchhikers Guide to Dyslexia Invitation

BulletMap Studio has taken on the challenge to produce 30 videos in 30 days for parents with dyslexic teenagers in High school. The aim of these videos is to be a help and a guide as you parent and encourage teenagers with dyslexia. This short video explains more about this challenge.

HGD Video #2

The Road Map

In this video, we’re going to take a quick glimpse and overview of everything you’re gonna see and learn, our little destinations, as you travel with us in this journey to the world of dyslexia.

HGD Video #3

Why Hitchhiking?

Wanna know why we called this video series the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Dyslexia? And it is not just because we love hitchhiking!

HGD Video #4

Meet Your Guide

Meet the content creator and your guide throughout this journey in the world of dyslexia.

HGD Video #5

Is it Worth Understanding?

Is Dyslexia really worth understanding? Take a look and find out.

HGD Video #6

What is Dyslexia?

In this video, we’re gonna go and take a deeper look and understand what dyslexia is.

HGD Video #7

Teenage Dyslexia: Spotting it at Home

Spotting dyslexia is not always easy. In this video, we’re going to talk about teenage dyslexia and how you might notice it as the parent of a teenager in High school.

HGD Video #8

Branson Net Profit

Richard Branson is a very well known dyslexic and this is one of my favourite stories about him. 

HGD Video #9

5 Basics of Mind Mapping

Do you want to learn how to mind map? This video will help you to learn and understand what mind mapping is and how to use the five basics in drawing a mind map.

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There are many animated videos on the web that summarise popular books, TED talks, and websites, but it's not been done yet for Dyslexia resources. We want to help those parents who are visual learners or Dyslexic to access the wide variety of written material on the web with animated summaries.