Is it worth understanding?

Today we’re talking about whether it is worth understanding teenage dyslexia. There are lots of teachers and professionals in your teenager’s life so it can seem easier to leave it to them to actually understand what’s going on and we can just be the support act.


My answer is: YES! Its really worth understanding teenage dyslexia and there are a variety of reasons why I think this.

Once your teenager reaches High School they are expected to become much more independent learners and subjects are taught with this is mind. The other change in High School is the diversity of subjects and the volume of information and the irony is that faced with this your teeandger can actually become a more dependent learner. This can lead to a tension where they need more support to learn and are in an environment where they are supposed to be developing more independently.

I think if you can understand your teenager’s dyslexia then in this key time you can help them learn strategies and insights that will equip them to become the independent learner they are striving to be. That means freedom for your teen to learn well and freedom for you as a parent.


Here’s an analogy. If your car battery goes flat you know that you need to find another car and use jump leads to restart your battery. You only know how to do that if you know what’s under the hood and where to attach the jump leads.

Now let’s say your dyslexic teenager’s battery goes flat and they need a jumpstart. You know how to do that! But, what if you find yourself repeatedly having to jumpstart their battery and it never seems sustained? Its probably time to take a good look under the bonnet and speak to an expert to learn a bit more about what might be going on and what the underlying cause is for the battery to keep going flat.


There are lots of reasons why your dyslexic teenager’s battery might keep going flat, why they seem to hit the same challenges in school, and there are lots of things we can do to help sort the situation and increase their capacity. Firstly though, we need to understand more about what is going on before we can do anything about it.

That’s why I think this journey is so valuable. An increased understanding of teenage dyslexia means that you can discover key things that will help your son or daughter. These insights can often be quite small things but they end up having a massive impact and empower your teen to learn independently.


For you as parents, the value of these insights is that they bring your own freedom. Freedom from the worry that your dyslexic teenager isn’t thriving at school and freedom for having to compensate for an academic  learning style which doesn’t always help them. It gives you a way to support your dyslexic teenager into independent learning.


There is a transition from dependence to independence as there is all aspects of teenage life and so this can take time. There are lots of tools and resources that your teenager can access to assist their independence but finding the right ones only comes from understanding what is really going on and what will be the most help.

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