Hitchhikers Guide to Dyslexia

Hitchhiker's Guide to Dyslexia Invitation

MindMap Studio has taken on the challenge to produce 30 videos in 30 days for parents with dyslexic teenagers in High school. The aim of these videos is to be a help and a guide as you parent and encourage teenagers with dyslexia. This short video explains more about this challenge.

All of the 30 day videos will be posted to this blog.

the videos

The 30 videos are going to cover:

  • What is Dyslexia?
  • What is Mind Mapping and how can it help?
  • Navigating the teenage years with dyslexia
  • Studying at High School

We will showcase existing dyslexia resources from blogs, podcasts, videos, websites and books and transform them into animated and time-lapse video.

If you are a parent of a dyslexic teenager then these videos are ideal for you and your child, especially if they’re in High school doing exams.

why are we doing this?

We’re doing this because we want to make dyslexia resources accessible to busy parents like you. There’s lots of information out there and it can feel quite overwhelming trying to process it all. Hopefully these videos will help to inform you and provide valuable insight.

We’re going to travel around all the current dyslexia resources and extract the relevant information for you. These videos are created to assist you in helping your dyslexic child in studying and exam preparation.


We’re inviting you to sign up to get these video postcards daily for 30 days. We think the information will be really useful for you and we also want to learn what sort of videos you like and would find most informative.

we need your feedback

Suggest destinations to us, and tell us what you enjoy and help us develop our online training course. And hopefully you'll see how dyslexia is a gift to your child and to the world.

Available resources

30 Video Challenge Mind Map: JPEG | PDF | Video

Want more videos like this? Click here.

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