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Darius Namdaran

Mindmap Tutoring for Dyslexia


Hi, I’m senior Mindmap Tutor at BulletMap Studio. Passionate about helping Dyslexic Teenagers, and parents, get through School with their confidence intact. I love helping parents of teenagers find solutions to the organisational and revision strategies for School.

If your child has Dyslexic traits feel free to book a 40 min free QnA about mindmapping or your revision strategies. In this free consultation I will give you practical tips you can implement straight away with your child.



"It's unlocked a door in Yasmin's memory and revision techniques that we just never thought that we would be able to go through. Darius sort of taken us out of a hole and sort of put us on a pedestal which we didn't have before."​


Parent of A Dyslexic Teenager

"Mindmapping got me from a U to a C. It was the mindmap, but it was also the whole motivation thing and the confidence that it gave because I knew what I was doing now was working with the revision."


Student with Dyslexia

"What Darius has done is a lot more than a mindmapping course: he taught how to mindmap but there's also goal setting - helping the kids be confident."


Dyslexia Assessor