about us

About Us

BulletMap Studio is a training company currently in its design phase. We are a family run company, based in Scotland.

Darius Namdaran and Joanne Lee, as the directors, have been motivated by their family’s personal experience with dyslexia to create online training and coaching content to help families with dyslexic teenagers prosper during their exam years.

Mind mapping has been a lifeline for Darius’ career as a student, teacher, property investor and community worker and it has been of great benefit to their daughter as she studied for exams.

Bulletmap Studio

Formerly known as Mindmap Studio, BulletMap Studio was created to fill the gap in visual resources to teach dyslexic teens to mind map for exams. Over the last 2 years, Darius has developed a time lapse technique to create animated mind maps that bring to life the process of mind mapping.

Our Goal to teach mind mapping to dyslexic teenagers at high school with online video training and group coaching. Part of our work will be to create a library of animated mind map videos on the subject of dyslexia and mind mapping.

Our Plan is to invest 12 months into creating 300 valuable, free animated videos for teens with dyslexia and their parents because we want to discover what you like and need from video content. So far, we have made 125 videos. We will use this feedback to inform how we make our online training courses to be more engaging and effective.

Our Dream Team

We are building up a team who will help us teach your child how to productively mind map.

Our Journey Timeline



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