Distinction at Oxford University with Dyslexia. Writing History of art Essays!

Dyslexia Explored #36

William Stone

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When Williams dyslexia assessor advised his parents that he probably couldn’t manage state school due to his dyslexia his parents decided to do everything they could to keep him in mainstream. Hear the story of William Stone who got first class honours at the University of Edinburgh and recently got a Distinction for his Masters degree in Oxford University for Art History.

He wants dyslexics to know they can definitely be academic if they want to. When he was diagnosed at 10 years. At 13, he was at the bottom of his ‘sets’ (Streamed classes) but something clicked at 14. It was certainly the intensive help and tutoring he was recieving. He shares how doing Karate could have had a positive effect on school too.

He initially wanted to be involved in film after high school but his principal persuaded him to aim for Cambridge. He got rejected twice. Going, instead, to the University of Edinburgh and took Art History where he gained first class honours. He got his place at Oxbridge going to Oxford to do his master. He was ready and fully equipped.

Listen to the podcast hear William’s story. This is Part 1 of 2. The second part is in the next episode. He shares more about his approach to high school and exams.

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Darius Namdaran

Darius Namdaran

Darius is a teacher and MD of BulletMap™ Studio. He's passionate about helping dyslexic children, and their parents, get through High School with their confidence intact. From his own experience with dyslexia and raising children with dyslexia he has developed an online training business designed to equip and encourage dyslexic teenagers in their journey through High School.
His company produces Mindmap videos full of tips and encouragement to help understand dyslexia and to thrive in High School.
He is the designer and senior tutor of the first Mind mapping course for Dyslexic Teenagers called the BulletMap Method.

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