Dyslexia is like a Ferrari not a People Carrier

Dyslexia Explored #26

Tip no. 1

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“Teen Tip no. 1” Dyslexia is like a Ferrari not a People Carrier. These episodes are directed towards children and teenagers to help them learn how to harness their dyslexia. We will pepper the podcast with regular “Teen Tips” designed to be listened to in the car on the way to school as a discussion starter. They are less than 10 min long so you can listen and chat about it before you get there.

This time, I try to explain what “Working Memory” and “Low Processing Speed” mean in an understandable way to a child so they can use it to make smart decisions about how they learn to drive their “Ferrari”.

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Darius Namdaran

Darius Namdaran

Darius is a teacher and MD of BulletMap™ Studio. He's passionate about helping dyslexic children, and their parents, get through High School with their confidence intact. From his own experience with dyslexia and raising children with dyslexia he has developed an online training business designed to equip and encourage dyslexic teenagers in their journey through High School.
His company produces Mindmap videos full of tips and encouragement to help understand dyslexia and to thrive in High School.
He is the designer and senior tutor of the first Mind mapping course for Dyslexic Teenagers called the BulletMap Method.

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