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Our mission is to give dyslexic teenagers confidence through mind mapping at High School. We use timelapse videos, online courses and group video coaching to teach them how to mind map for exams. Through these courses, they learn how to mindmap lessons, textbooks, research, essay outlines and tests. All it takes is one A4 sheet of paper and a hand drawn mind map. It is a simple skill but like every skill, it takes practice and coaching to become productive.

Here’s a video message to parents about what we do for you…

Mindmapping is recognised around the world for it’s effectiveness as a comprehensive study system for exams. It is also recognised by dyslexia specialists as a valuable tool to harness the gifts of dyslexia. We have developed the BulletMap™ Method of mindmapping to help creative and dyslexic teenagers find creative order with them. Tony Buzans Mindmaps™ approach to mind mapping is normally used to increase creativity and ideas which is great for people who need more creativity. However, for hyper creative people they don’t need more ideas or more ‘random’, they need creative order. Bulletmaps can become a powerful tool to express your child’s abilities and overcome many of the difficulties associated with dyslexia. We are here to equip you and your child to learn more about dyslexia and mind mapping.

This video explains the five main principles of Mindmapping in 5 min…


The first Online Mindmap course for Teenage Dyslexics

BulletMap Studio launched first Mind mapping course for for teenage Dyslexics on 5th March 2018.

If you are a parent of a teenager with the gift of Dyslexia we have a few really helpful videos to send you. Just pop in your email and we will send you a video a day for four days that will unlock a whole new realm of possibilities for your child.

Unidentified Dyslexia?

Your child may be one of the many unidentified dyslexics during the primary school years. Often their high intelligence and adaptability covers up the inherent difficulties that come with the gift of dyslexia.

We are here to serve parents who find their child unexpectedly struggling at High School. Often moderate dyslexia starts to show itself with the increased demands of detailed reading, systematic essays and homework organisation. Parents often find they are increasingly helping plan homework and essays. However, there are study tools available to make your teenager a more independent learner.